12 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online in 2024

The concept of television has changed a lot in recent years with the arrival of streaming content platforms. So much so that there are already many people who prefer to pay a subscription to one of these platforms to see what they like. However, there are many others who are not willing to check out; that is why we are going to show the best websites to watch free movies Online.

Therefore, if you are one of those who love to spend Sunday afternoons watching a movie quietly from the sofa at home, surely the websites that we are going to show below are going to be your great ally. And on all of them, we will be able to find content for all tastes.

Now, it is important to know that the vast majority of sites that offer free online series and movies are pirates. They usually ask us to register, contain links with malware, or we can end up with several tools installed on our computer without realizing that they then flood our computer with unwanted advertising.

These sites are usually persecuted until they are closed, as in the vast majority of cases, they do not comply with the corresponding legality, especially about the copyright of the films themselves. Even so, we can find certain legal sites or websites with free online series and movies, like the ones we are going to show below, so as not to get into any trouble. And, above all, if we don’t want to have to pay to see them. So we will see the best free options that we will have available.

Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online in 2024

It may seem unusual to you, but the video platforms you use to watch live music or video clips are also options for watching movies. These best websites to watch free movies are full of films that you can watch legally without registration on any device. Although you can rent some, and this does have a cost, there are many others that are available for free. You just have to know how to look for specific content that is not paid. Therefore, we leave you two clear options that may interest you: YouTube and Vimeo.


The first platform that comes in the category of “Best Websites To Watch Free Movies” is YouTube. Because there are many classics that have already become public domain after decades since their release. Thus, many YouTube channels collect movies legally, movies without copyright. Or even series that do not have any type of cost to view.

Others also include the possibility of watching series or movies created by themselves. That is, the production company itself uploads its content to the Internet. As is the case of BRB Internacional, a Spanish producer of many classic cartoons in our country and which has a large number of cartoon episodes available on YouTube for free for everyone.


One of the main alternatives to YouTube, although it has not managed to overshadow it, does have some possibilities that the global streaming video giant does not offer. For many, its design and operation are much better, cleaner and without distractions. In addition, their community is somewhat less “toxic” and seems to be rowing in the same direction. This means that some even opt to post their productions directly there, whether they are shorts or feature films.

On Vimeo, we have several sections, including a so-called on-demand section where we can buy complete movies, series, or television programs. There are many indies or independents, but that is not synonymous with low quality. In fact, we also have offers from large television studios. Be that as it may, it is worth giving this free streaming platform a chance. It is a totally recommended option to watch “different” free movies.

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Vimeo - Best Websites To Watch Free Movies


DownloadHub also lies in the category of the best websites to watch free movies. It is a website that has gained notoriety for providing users with the opportunity to watch movies for free. However, it operates within a legal gray zone due to its distribution of pirated copies of films. The platform caters to a diverse audience, offering an extensive collection of movies across various genres. Users are drawn to DownloadHub for its convenience and cost-effectiveness, as it allows them to access a wide range of cinematic content without the need for paid subscriptions to legitimate streaming services.

Despite its popularity, DownloadHub’s approach to content distribution raises serious legal concerns. By offering pirated copies of movies, the platform infringes upon copyright laws and violates intellectual property rights. This has led to increased scrutiny from authorities and copyright holders, resulting in legal consequences for both the platform and its users. The legal ambiguity surrounding DownloadHub prompts users to consider the potential risks and ethical implications associated with engaging in activities that support piracy.

In the broader context, DownloadHub’s existence reflects the ongoing challenges faced by the entertainment industry in combating piracy and protecting the intellectual property of content creators. The platform’s impact extends beyond legal implications, as it contributes to revenue loss for filmmakers, studios, and distributors. As the industry continues to grapple with these challenges, users are encouraged to explore legal alternatives that support the creators and contribute to the sustainable growth of the film and entertainment sector.

Files and Organizations: Best Websites To Watch Free Movies

There are digital libraries and other websites with all kinds of free resources that offer us the possibility of watching movies for free. However, they will be older films, so we will not be able to find the latest releases from these years. The vast majority of them are films that have free access so we will not be doing anything illegally. Within these options, we can find the following:


Archive.org is a digital library managed by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of archives, screenshots from public Web sites, multimedia resources, and software. In it, we can find, therefore, some free movies of all time, although we will mainly find them in English. Even so, we can choose by category, or we can use the filters to find what we like the most or what is most convenient to see at all times. To see the available movies, we will have to filter by the type of content, and then we can make or apply another series of filters to find what we like the most.

One of the main advantages of using Archive.org is that not only can we watch the film online, but most of the time it will allow us to download it to carry it on a pen drive and use it wherever we want: if you want to watch it in class with your students or simply if you want. you want to put it on your television via USB without having to connect to the Internet.

Archive.org - 12 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies

Open Culture

It is a site dedicated to sharing a large number of books, audiobooks, courses, movies, and other types of content for free, similar to Archive.org. It is a good international option thanks to the fact that we will find all kinds of options to see and enjoy. Here we will be able to find a list of free online movies that we can watch completely legally. Within this selection, notable works from Alfred Hitchcock and other renowned creators emerge as some of the most widely appreciated.

At the top, we can filter by language, which will make the search easier. You simply have to go to the top bar and tap on “languages” and then choose the one you are interested in and watch all the videos that are available. There are categories and collections, and generally, the website will redirect us to other pages, but it is an excellent option to find everything and to watch movies that are very different from what we find on Netflix. For example, we can find collections of the best Korean movies, etc.

National Film Board of Canada

Canada’s National Film Board is a project in which many people have participated throughout its history and that allows thousands of films and short films to be available for free to all audiences. It is a website that allows us to find all types of titles and has convenient filters to search for something that adapts to what we feel like at that moment. Additionally, we can filter by language. Of course, keep in mind that (logically) the website will only allow us to watch movies in French or English.

There are thousands of titles available, and we can search by alphabetical order, but we can also filter by duration, by year, by genre, by availability… In total, more than six thousand free titles without the need to download anything and available through an online player. the Navigator.

EBiblio, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Ebiblio is a digital platform for our country’s libraries where we can find eBooks, series, and movies online for free. It is not as such a page to watch free movies, but rather it is the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to borrow electronic books, audiobooks, or magazines. But in the catalog, we can also find free movies.

When it comes to movies, the only thing we have to do is have our EBliblio username, since it will ask us for it when we try to view any of the movies available on the platform. We can apply a large number of filters that appear on the left side of the page to try to find the movies we like. In total, at the time of the consultation, there are more than 3,900 videos available, although it will depend on your city whether you find one catalog or another.

Spanish film library online

The Spanish Film Library is the national organization for “the preservation of Spanish cinematographic heritage” and has its own website or platform where we can watch national films for free. It does not have a specific page but is part of a section within RTVE, but with access to all types of historical cinema. At the top, we can choose if we want to see the NODE, movies, short films, or documentaries. We can access a historical archive and watch movies by era or by year. For example, the filmed war or the most representative documentaries in history.

The best thing this website has is without a doubt the NODO newsreel, (acronym for News and Documentaries), which contained propaganda from the Franco regime in its programming and which was projected in the cinema before the films between the years 1942 and 1981, as occurs Now with the trailers.

If we look at the movies section, we will be able to find a long list of these, and with quite extensive synopses that will tell us everything we need to know before watching a certain movie. It is true that this platform may not be for everyone (due to the “old” content), but it is undoubtedly a great way to learn more about classic cinema from our country.

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Channel Platforms and Websites

The television channels we watch regularly have their on-demand versions so we can see what we’ve missed. We can watch series or programs live or delayed, but there is also always a film section with options. Some of them are paid, as is the case of Atresplayer, but others offer us the content at no cost.


On the official RTVE website, we can find a cinema section where we can watch some movies online for free in a completely legal way. To do this, we simply have to navigate to said section, and there we will find some movies and the video club section. To see any of them, just click and the streaming playback will automatically begin.

The best thing about RTVE’s catalog is that it mixes films from all genres and from all eras that you can think of. In addition, it is updated every so often and includes trailers with “release” dates so that we know perfectly well when we can take a look at what’s new.

The films are organized by categories that have very original names, but that perfectly describe the theme of the films they include. If you want to search directly for what you want to see to check if it is within the platform’s catalog, all you have to do is click on the magnifying glass at the top right to search by title.


The Mediaset platform is another website where we can go to watch movies online for free. It is generally designed to watch programs or series that are broadcast on the group’s different channels (Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity, Be Mad, Energy, FDF, Boing…) but we can also access some movies completely free of charge.

There are not many, but we can do it from the menu, and we can see them at no cost and without the need to register, from the website or from the application. Furthermore, within the Movies TV section, we can find some very interesting movies to watch for free just by clicking on the one we like the most. Of course, we will have to see the previous announcements beforehand.

MyTV Plus

Other Best Websites To Watch Free Movies

Every one of the previous alternatives that we have shown you may have a greater or lesser number of followers. But, in this case, we will always have other websites to visit since they are less known than all the previous ones and with fewer options available. But, in any case, there are other websites that we can always have on hand to watch movies online without having to pay a subscription. And for that reason, we leave you two more alternatives that will offer us precisely this:


It is another of the platforms or websites that have been offering documentaries, shorts, or films of different genres for free and legally for some time. Likewise, this platform also broadcasts more than 600 live channels in different languages. Of course, we will have to deal with all the advertising it shows. It has a fairly varied catalog, so we are sure to find many movies to have a good time on the couch at home. Of course, you have to know that the quality may not be too good and that they are in the original or English version.

On the other hand, its navigation menu is in English, so if you are not fluent in this language it may be difficult for you to find the content you are looking for.

Filmon TV


If you are one of those who like movies in English, SnagFilms is one of the best websites with free online movies in English. Without registration and completely free of charge, we have access to a large catalog of alternative and legal movies. Click on the movie you want to watch, and in a few moments, it will start playing. It stands out for its great speed and direct access to movies, without registration and without long advertisements that we have to watch beforehand.

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus is an online platform that offers free movies and television shows in Spanish. However, it is important to note that this site is not official nor is it endorsed by the copyright owners of the content it offers. Therefore, its use may be illegal and may put the security of our device, as well as privacy, at risk.

We can find a wide variety of movies, from classics to recent releases. Some common genres that can be found on the platform include drama, comedy, action, horror, science fiction, and animation, among others. By clicking on the movie we want to watch, our browser will start it directly. We can choose the type of language and the link that interests us most. However, it does not allow us to see if it is a safe option or if the content we are going to start is really what we want to see.

However, it is important to note that the quality and availability of movies may vary and that not all movies may be available in Spanish. Some content on Repelis Plus may be of low quality or have a poor translation into Spanish, which may affect the viewing experience.

Conclusion of Best Websites To Watch Free Movies

In conclusion, the dynamic shift in television consumption, marked by the rise of streaming platforms, has ushered in a wealth of opportunities for viewers seeking diverse and cost-effective entertainment options. The highlighted legal websites, ranging from YouTube and Vimeo to national film archives, offer a spectrum of movies catering to varied preferences. This alternative landscape allows users to enjoy quality content without resorting to piracy, emphasizing the evolving accessibility and choices available in the digital era.

While established platforms like RTVE Play and My TV contribute to this array of on-demand services, users should exercise caution when exploring less-known options. The evolving nature of the digital entertainment landscape underscores the importance of discernment to ensure both the legal and qualitative aspects of the viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to watch movies on free online platforms?

While many legal platforms offer free movies, it’s crucial to use reputable sites to ensure legality. Some platforms, despite offering free content, may infringe copyright laws, so users should exercise caution and choose established legitimate sources.

Are there any risks associated with watching movies on unknown websites?

Yes, there are potential risks when using unfamiliar websites. Some may pose security threats, expose users to malware, or infringe on copyright laws. It’s advisable to stick to well-known platforms or follow recommendations from trusted sources to minimize risks.

Can I download movies legally from online platforms?

Some legal platforms, like Archive.org, allow users to download movies for offline viewing. However, not all platforms offer this option. Users should review the terms of use for each platform to understand their downloading policies.

Are there language options available on these platforms?

Yes, language options vary by platform. Many international platforms, like Vimeo and YouTube, offer content in multiple languages. However, users should check the language availability on each specific platform, especially on national archives or libraries.

Can I find recent releases on free online platforms?

While some platforms offer a mix of classic and recent releases, the availability of the latest movies may be limited to free platforms. Users interested in recent releases may need to explore paid streaming services or consider rental options.

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