Downloadhub understands the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and adheres to guidelines set forth by 17 U.S.C. SS 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Our goal is to quickly take any notice of infringement of copyright and to take the appropriate action according to the DMCA and other pertinent IP laws.

Responding to Copyright Infringement

If you suspect that your copyrighted content has been released by, or if you see hyperlinks to your copyrighted content on our website’s search result pages and would like to remove it, follow the steps listed below. We take these matters very seriously, and it is crucial to ensure that this procedure is done correctly to protect your rights.

Step 1: Submit a Copyright Infringement Claim

To initiate the claim for copyright infringement You must submit an official written document that contains the following details:

Authorized Person: Prove that you are the official representative for the owner of the copyright that has been accused of having their rights violated.

Contact Information: Include enough details about your contact, such as an email address that is valid, so that you can contact us in regards to the issue.

Detail Copyrighted Work: List the copyrighted works that have been infringed. It is beneficial to provide the search phrase that brings up the work available on and the results from a search.

Good Faith Belief: Reaffirm that, as the complainant, you hold a reasonable belief that the content in question is not authorized by the copyright owner or their agent. Confirm that the use of the copyrighted material, whether by the owner or their agent, is not legally permitted.

Validity and Accuracy: Verify that the information you provide in the notification is correct and subject to the penalty of perjury affirm that you have the authority to represent the owner of the copyright who claims the infringement.

Authorized Signatures: A notice in writing must include the signature of the authorized representative of the owner of the copyright.

Step 2: Send the Infringement Notice

Make sure to submit your copyright infringement claim by sending the notice in writing via the “Contact Us” page. Then, the complaint is received and reviewed by us.

What to Expect?

After receiving the notice of infringement, please give us a minimum of 2 business days for our team to respond via email response. It’s important to keep in mind that submitting your complaint to third parties including the Internet Service Provider, will delay the process. It could cause delays in addressing your concerns as they may not be appropriately filed.

We recommend speaking with legal counsel before making an infringement claim for copyright to make sure the rights of your clients are secured.

We are, and we strive to maintain an online platform that protects intellectual property rights. We thank you for aiding us in achieving this goal.